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   A membership website with the tools you need to manage

irritable bowel syndrome and treat your symptoms.

Food triggers, the FODMAP diet, virtual yoga classes, mindfulness strategies and more!

IBS is different for everyone and it can be a challenge to figure out the strategies that work for you.

Butterfly Effect will provide everything you need to be your own digestive detective!

All in one place!


Hi there!

I'm Christine, the creator of Butterfly Effect. I'm a Registered Dietitian specializing in digestive health.  I'm also a yoga teacher, owner of the Twisted Yoga Studio in Toronto for 12 years until the first lock down when I moved my practice online.  

I also have IBS.  When I was diagnosed 15 years ago, there was very little known about the syndrome or how to manage it. Exciting new research is showing that what you eat, how you eat, stress, movement and even the bacteria in your gut all may play a role.

Just as the flap of a butterfly wing can affect a complex system like the weather, small positive changes you make in different areas of your life can affect your body's complex system and help keep your IBS symptoms in check.


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